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New N.j. Assembly Speaker, A Former Bodybuilder, Promises To Flex Political Muscle

He moved to Secaucus in 1990, eventually took a job as its construction code official and was appointed to the citys planning board in 1998. Six years later, when Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Impreveduto resigned after pleading guilty to using campaign funds for his personal benefit, the districts powerful state senator, Nicholas Sacco (D-Hudson), began Reuters U.s. Sports Schedule At 2 Pm Edt On Monday, Jan. 6 the search for a replacement. Former Assemblywoman fitness Joan Quigley, who served in the same district with Prieto for eight years, recalled when Sacco asked local party leaders in Secaucus who they thought could fit the bill. "The only name that was ever mentioned by anybody was Vinnie Prieto," Quigley said. "Senator Sacco said weve got to meet this guy. visit their website And when we did, we really, really liked him." Sacco, whom Prieto calls a mentor, would also be instrumental in his rise to power.
Full story: http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2014/01/new_speaker_a_former_bodybuilder_promises_assembly_will_be_heard.html

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