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Vatican Monsignor Arrested For Money Laundering

"We continue to strongly maintain the good faith of Don Nunzio Scarano and his absolute certainty that the money came from legitimate donations," Sica told The Associated Press. The Salerno investigation was already under external link way when Scarano was arrested in June in Rome on the smuggling accusations. Police and Sica have said the money involved view in both the Swiss smuggling case and the Salerno money-laundering case originated with one of Italy's most important shipping families, the d'Amicos. On Tuesday, financial police said more than 5 million euros had been made available to Scarano by the D'Amicos via offshore companies. Police and Sica described the laundering my website plot as follows: Scarano allegedly withdrew 555,248 euros from his Vatican account in cash in 2009 and brought it into Italy. Since he couldn't deposit it in an Italian bank without drawing suspicion, he selected 50 friends to accept 10,000 euros apiece in cash in exchange for a check or wire transfer in that same amount. The money then went to pay off a mortgage on a Salerno property held in the name of a company Scarano partly owned.
More: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/italy-police-arrest-vatican-monsignor-21606360

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