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Narrative Surrounding Ronaldo, Messi, La Liga Undergoing Major Shift

He takes his son to school every day, naps with him in the afternoon, avoids public places to avoid stressing his family, and sometimes heads to the gym after getting back from an away match at 4 in the morning, because "it's the little details that make a big difference." Ronaldo does plenty of charity work but did not want to talk about it, aside from mentioning some seriously ill children he is trying to help. "My parents always said: 'If you help someone, God will reward you.'" WATCH: There's no stopping this Ronaldo rocket He is still close to his childhood friends in Madeira and overall he came across as a doting dad, decent guy and uber-professional whose role models included Gary Neville, Raul, and Luis Figo. Football loves its villains, and needs them too, but this latest interview is another example of Ronaldo is moving away from that role. It's easy for the media to paint players in absolute terms: Mario Balotelli as the crazy one, Luis Suarez as the nasty one, and Ronaldo as the arrogant one. But life is obviously more complicated than that, and the idea that Ronaldo represents bad while Lionel Messi, scoring wonderful goals and playing beautiful football at Barcelona, represents good, is a narrative that in recent weeks has undergone a significant shift. In part, it is because Messi's story in the last few months has done http://hilarioinwj.skyrock.com/3204966779-Gonzaga-Escapes-59-56-Against-San-Diego.html him few favors. A public row with Barcelona vice president Javier Faus was set against the backdrop of his father Jorge facing allegations, since disproved, of involvement in the laundering of drug money. Last season, the Madrid press leaped upon Messi's on-field spat with David Villa, whom he berated for not passing to him during a game against Granada, and called him 'Little General' (This was other long before Blatter called Ronaldo 'Commander'). On Thursday, Barcelona's overall image took a further hit when president Sandro Rosell resigned after a Spanish national court judge, Pablo Ruz, agreed to hear a lawsuit that alleges Rosell misappropriated funds from the signing of Neymar from Santos last June.
Full story: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/soccer/news/20140124/ronaldo-messi-madrd-barcelona-la-liga-narrative/

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