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China Turns Hit Reality Tv Show Into Movie

But they were given parenting tasks and touched viewers as they grew into their roles and learned how to cook. Near the beginning, an Olympic champion diver-turned-actor, Tian Liang, could watch only helplessly as his daughter had a tantrum, but by the end of the series he knew how to plait her hair. The movie appears to http://free.yudu.com/item/details/1591749/Msnbc-s-Chris-Hayes-Complains-Of-Drudge-fueled--sn be of the same format, with the film's official microblog calling it a "parent and child reality show movie." The cast is the same, and part of the action visit the website is billed to take place in a wildlife park in southern Guangzhou city. Some comments online on social media sites have disparagingly called it "the easiest movie ever made" if it will be just like an episode from the TV show, and have said they would rather download it from the Internet than pay to go and see it. Hou Tao, vice president of EntGroup, an entertainment industry research company, said movies originating from hit TV shows were certainly not guaranteed to be successful. Whereas the cost of a TV show is covered by its sponsors, movie goers have to pay themselves, he said.
Read more: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory/china-turns-hit-reality-tv-show-movie-22277792

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