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New Website Is Factory Direct Source For Indigoh2o Premium Alkaline Water

http://brattenplanet.beeplog.com/292881_3439002.htm Its gratifying to see his continued progress as hes added distribution to Whole Foods Market, and in the EU; (European Union), said Jeffrey Antisdel, CTO of Precept Partners. The new site will help him stay in front of changes in the way people are accessing information online today, and in the years ahead. Antisdel explained, that the new website has been developed using the latest HTML5 compliant design methods to allow the site to function well on multiple devices, from desktop computers to iPads, Android tablets, as well as smartphones from Apple, Samsung and many others. The new website can be viewed at http://www.SimpleWaterStore.com . About IndigoH2O: IndigoH20 is guaranteed to be fluoride, hormone, drug, and chemical free. Bottled at the source of ones of the worlds finest glacial mineral water reserves, IndigoH2O water is drawn from an artesian glacial aquifer, which is then purified and bottled at a pH of 9.5. And to further insure the absolute best in quality, IndigoH2O is bottled in its signature Cobalt Blue glass bottles, sealed freshness dated and quick-shipped to ensure the best tasting premium alkaline mineral water in the world. For more information about IndigoH2O, please visit http://www.indigoH2O.com .
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