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Get Fit At Brickhouse Cardio Club

Zumba McNatt, who has worked at numerous fitness facilities, said, When I visited Brickhouse Cardio Club in Ellicott City, I knew this would work on Kent Island. Were offering cardio fitness for people who dont care for gyms, McNatt said. We offer a comfortable, supportive environment we dont want anyone to feel intimidated. We become friends, work with people where they are and go from there. On Dec. 28, McNatt hosted a Pajama Zumba Benefit where participants brought childrens pajamas to be donated muscle building to local homeless shelters. This was the idea of Lolita Justice-Watkins, of Stevensville, who last year collected over 200 pajamas for children. Watkins continued the project this year, saying, Homeless children in many cases have never had pajamas in their lives. McNatt said when she heard that, she was in for the benefit. She offered a two-hour Zumba program for all participants who brought pajamas to donate. There was a good turnout.
Full story: http://www.myeasternshoremd.com/news/queen_annes_county/article_377f6db7-feb9-5dd3-9caf-7b9a1658f18a.html

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