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Michael Jackson Fans Win One Euro For Emotional Damage

The court in Orleans ruled five fans had proven emotional suffering. Conrad Murray served two years of a four-year term for administering a lethal dose of an anaesthetic drug to Jackson and was released in October. Last month a US court rejected a bid by Murray to have his conviction for involuntary manslaughter overturned. Symbolic damages The five claimants - two from France, two from Switzerland and one from Belgium - were all members of the French-based Michael Jackson Community fan club. Their lawyer said they had proven their suffering "with the help of witness statements and medical certificates." "As far as I know this is the first time in the world that the webblog notion of emotional damage in connection with a pop star has been recognised," Emmanuel Ludot told the AFP news agency. "They have been subjected to ridicule and I am delighted their suffering has been taken seriously by the law." The damages were symbolic, he added, and the claimants would not be seeking to claim the one euro each from Conrad Murray. The five fans say they hope the ruling will help them gain access to Michael Jackson's grave in Los Angeles, which is closed to the public.
Full story: visit http://www.thestatesmanonline.com/index.php/entertainment/1017-michael-jackson-fans-win-one-euro-for-emotional-damage

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