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California Third-graders Caught Smoking Pot In School Bathroom

Stinson declined to comment on anything the boys said, or on the possible origins of the pot, except to say that "it came from several sources." He said the incident will remain under investigation to determine whether the boys could be considered criminally culpable. Under California law, no one under 12 is usually charged with a crime, but the boys could be subject to juvenile justice proceedings. "The first link step is - we have to determine whether they knew right from wrong," he told Reuters. The superintendent of the local school district, Leigh Shampain, declined to comment on any details of the case but confirmed that students had been caught smoking marijuana in the school restroom last week. Both he and the police chief said the case underscores concerns that legalizing marijuana for recreational use by adults in California would make it easier for minors to gain access Kim Kardashian to pot in the future. Said Stinson, "It's something to think about." California in 1996 became the first of 20 U.S.
More: http://www.businessinsider.com/r-california-third-graders-caught-smoking-pot-in-school-bathroom-2014-05

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